It’s a known fact that toys are made for kids to enjoy. On the other hand, kids are meant to play with toys for as long as they can. These two are inseparable. One of the toys kids own in their lifetime is a stuffed toy. Stuffed animals are a universal staple in any child’s bedroom.

Stuffed toys are usually ingrained in every child’s memory. Kids and kids-at-heart share beautiful memories with their very own plushies. They brought them almost everywhere, had tea with them, played mommy or teacher on them, and tucked with them together at bedtime.

Why do kids love stuffed toys?

Stuffed animals are always happy.

No matter what is happening in your child’s life, their cuddly toys are always waiting to greet them with a smile. It makes the world a nicer place to be in for them. If your child needs comfort, these soft toys offer warm and reassuring hugs, too.

They are always there.

In the eyes of a child, the world can sometimes be frightening and uncertain. They look for people or objects that will provide support. Holding on to a soft toy soothes their fears, especially if the people they trust are away or are out of sight. As long as they hold their loveys close to them, they feel protected.

Children develop a special attachment with these furry objects because these bridge the gap when their parents or primary caregivers cannot be with them. To them, these plushies become the symbol of the love and care their parents have for them.

They give the best hugs.

When your child is sad, afraid, or stressed, being with their cuddly friend is the best place to be. Made out of soft fuzzy fur of your child’s favorite color, cuddling with a stuffed toy is a wonderful experience. If your child has owned it for several days or weeks, it emits a specific scent that your child will find comforting.

They are always ready to listen.

When parents tell their children what to do, children feel they are being bossed around. Being with their loveys gives them a chance to be “the parent.” Children love to pretend to be adults. Playing “mommy,” “daddy,” or “teacher” makes them feel that they are in control. It also develops their nurturing capabilities when they role-play to care for their “babies.”

They become their best friend.

Children’s imaginations are endless. One day, they are playing school. The next day, they are playing war. Whatever their mood for a game is, their cuddly friends are always ready to join them. Staying still, moving, dressing up, even getting messy is fun because they are also reasonably easy to clean.

What are the benefits of playing with stuffed animals?

Various studies have shown that soft toys have a positive effect on a child’s development. Even in the advent of plastic, magnetic, and high-tech toys, children of all ages go to bed together with a couple of their favorite stuffed animal toys.

Soft toys provide a multi-sensory experience.

Those amiable button eyes and soft, colorful, and fuzzy fur, plus a distinct scent, give your children, especially younger ones, a multi-sensory experience. Your babies will love touching and chewing the paws while gripping the eyes and nose of their silent friend.

Your child can also choose from various animal designs, from a bear to a zebra and a sea lion to a shark. These soft toys come in different sizes and colors, too!

They are great tools for learning skills.

There are a lot of skills that children can learn just by holding a stuffed animal, even for a few minutes. Children can label colors, sizes, textures, and body parts. They are also familiarized with the animal it represents: its look, sound, habitat, food, etc.

When children spend their time together with their stuffed animals, they learn essential social-emotional skills. Language skills are developed when they talk with their friends. Through turn-taking games, they know how to wait and tackle a little bit of the concept of respect. Through role-playing, children nurture their imagination and touch base on the idea of empathy.

For older kids, life skills are addressed when they care for their cuddly friends. A sense of responsibility is honed when they are tasked to clean it. Sewing, mending, and repairing may also be included in case their soft toys wear and tear. Some children are encouraged to be collectors, especially if they find a particular species interesting.

Adults often use stuffed toys and animals to teach skills to their children. Parents show how a cuddly animal toy knows how to sit in a potty. Teachers demonstrate how a plushie sits well in a preschool class. Even psychologists and therapists use soft toys to help children reenact stressful and disturbing events. Children see these toys as reassuring friends who help them process their emotions.

Stuffed animals help soothe anxieties.

One of the reasons kids love their plush toys is their presence in their lives. These toys serve as their companion when they need one. No matter how they drop, leave and forget about it for a day, it remains loyal to them.

Some children find separation from their parents difficult. Their plush toy will help them calm down and get them through the day while waiting for their parents’ return. Some children find it hard to adjust to a new environment such as school on their first day of preschool. Teachers allow them to bring their favorite lovey to reassure them that the new space is safe.

With all the benefits children reap from stuffed animals, it’s a good thing they are durable. They don’t bend, break or dent easily. You give them their forever friend when you gift it to your child, niece, nephew, or student.

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