Alex Kampf

I have a passion for sustainability flanked by wonder and intrigue. As an integrated maker who takes pride in the whole crafting process, all the items I create are handmade in my shop. Some of the wood I work comes from logs I have milled while the rest is obtained locally. I design and create every piece with an intent to blend elements of art, fun, and function. My goal is to create experiences that invoke feelings beyond the simple use of a product. These wares have been built with heart to last generations. I appreciate you taking a moment to read and learn about my joys of creation. Cheers!


If you are looking for something specific, I encourage you to inquire with an idea you would like to bring to life. My primary build interests are toys & games and functional housewares. I can build larger furniture items, though I typically stick to projects no larger than an end table due to limited shop space.

I can also add personalization to any item. Custom signs, nameplates, logos, symbols, engravings and artwork can all be transferred onto a project. Please inquire with any questions or ideas.

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