I have always loved flower; and always like examine pinecones. A few years ago, my neighbors planted trees which filled my yard with way too many pinecones. I was really frustrated with dealing with them.
One day my sister showed me a picture online of some painted pinecones. I immediately went out and started looking at pinecones and how to cut them. I then started painting them. They were so pretty I put them together and took a picture to show a friend. The picture of the colors together was so pretty I decided to glue together an arrangement. The first one I made for someone I knew who loves flowers and bright colors. Because of my love for flowers and bright colors I started experimenting and looking at all kinds of pinecones. Different ways to cut them and paint them. It is time consuming, but I really enjoy putting them together. They will never wilt, and I hope they will bring happiness to anyone who enjoys bright colors and flowers.

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