Embroidered patches have successfully made their way back into the fashion scene. These patches are versatile and provide an easy and fun way to update the look of your old clothes. If you love wearing embroidered patches, learning about its fashion history will surely add more significance to your style.

The Fashion History of Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches have ancient origins. As early as 30,000 BC, the Chinese, South Americans, and even the Vikings have been incorporating classic embroidery techniques in their textile designs.

Before the development of the sewing machine in the Victorian age, all embroidered designs were hand-stitched and unique, which indicates that during the earlier eras, only the artisans and the wealthy had access to fine embroidery. Before embroidered patches were used to spruce up fashion style, they served a more practical purpose of covering up holes and tears in the clothes of poor people.

Embroidered Iron On Patches in Military

Embroidered patches have been part of military wear throughout history. It is worn on the upper arm or chest to display the name, rank, and unit of a soldier. If you’re aiming for a military look, affixing embroidered patches to your bomber jackets and backpacks can help you achieve the look you’re going for.

Embroidered Patches in the 20th Century


In the 1960s, embroidered patches were embraced by free-spirited protestors as part of their eclectic style. They wore peace signs, rainbows and heart embroidered patches on their clothes, which became a symbol for the era.

The role of embroidered patches became even more significant in social protest movements during the 1970s and 1980s. These patches became hugely significant for feminists and supporters of civil rights and gay rights.

The young and the marginalized wore embroidered patches with a message of support to political and social movements, which allowed them to speak their mind and publicly express their opinions. Up to this very day, many people still wear embroidered iron-on patches to support social change and equality.

The Future of Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches have become a staple in the 20th-century wardrobe. With the growing trend of up-cycling and vintage dressing, it seems that embroidered patches are here to stay until the next era of fashion.

Affixing embroidered patches on any clothes you scored from a charity or vintage shop is an easy and affordable way to up-cycle them. Even the world’s leading fashion brands like Gucci and Marc Jacobs have hopped on the trend of incorporating embroidered patches on their designs.

Because of how embroidered patches combine free-spirited messages of solidarity and homespun up-cycling, they have become a major player in shaping the future of fashion. Embroidered iron-on patches offer a variety of amazing styles that can suit every personality. There’s no better way to express one’s self through fashion than through embroidered patches.

Why Embroidered Patches Are the Perfect Gifts

We all know how hard it is to find the perfect gift that can express our affection for the people we care about. But embroidered iron-on patches can easily make any gift special. Affixing an embroidered patch on any gift item is a great way to show how much you care about the person receiving the gift, and how much effort you’ve put into preparing it.

Here are more reasons why embroidered patches make for the best gifts for everyone in your life.

Embroidered Patches Make Any Gift Unique

Embroidered patches are certain to make your gift unique, whether you’re just giving it by itself or affixing it onto something else.

First of all, you can design the patch so it fits your vision or ideas, then have a custom embroidery shop to make it for you. Whether it’s an embroidered patch of your friend’s name or a patch for every city that your partner has visited, embroidered patches offer endless possibilities.

Embroidered Patches Can Customize Even the Most Basic Items

Besides being able to customize your embroidered patches, you can also turn ordinary gifts into unique ones by affixing an embroidered patch onto them.  You can also ask the custom embroidery shop to sew the embroidered patches onto jeans or ball caps to mass-produce a one-of-a-kind clothing item. An embroidered patch can automatically make even the most ordinary item into a customized gift. It’s a fun and pretty way to take your gift to the next level!

Embroidered Patches Keeps Anyone in Style

Like we mentioned above, embroidered patches have become a staple in the modern wardrobe. Gone are the days when people associated patches with the nineties. After going out of style for a while, embroidered patches have grown even more popular today, with global designers incorporating them into new clothing lines. It is now very common to see people wearing embroidered patches on the street, every day. Giving an embroidered patch to anyone will certainly keep them in style.

Embroidered Patches Show Off Personalities

Embroidered patches are easy to customize. And since they are also very visible, they’re the ideal gift for anyone who wants to express their personality through fashion. Affixing several patches onto a denim jacket, for example, can show what the wearer cares about. Volleyball, food, or flag embroidered patches can symbolize what that person is interested in.

The type of embroidered patches a person wears can also tell something about their personality. Bright and bold patches may go well with people who have bubbly personalities, while those who are quieter prefer simple and muted patches. When you give a customized embroidered patch that reflects their personality, they will surely appreciate how much you know them.

Embroidered Patches Create Personal Connections

Giving someone a super-personalized gift to your friend, lover, or family member can show the genuineness of the connection that you have. The customized gift can show that you have taken the time to get to know them and that you’ve used what you know about them to get them a gift that’s prepared especially for them.

If you’re giving a gift to someone who expects to receive a lot of presents on that day, they will likely remember the gifts that were personalized for them because they gave them pleasant feelings. Embroidered patches can bring warm fuzzy feelings to whoever receives them, helping you create a deeper and more personal connection with them.

Embroidered Patches Are Ideal for Any Occasion

Some gifts seem to be attached to certain holidays, like flowers and chocolates on Valentine’s Day, and ties on Father’s Day. Embroidered patches, on the other hand, can be given on any occasion. They can be a nice surprise for someone’s birthday, during Christmas, or even on regular days when you simply want to brighten up someone’s day.

If you want to avoid the cliche gifts that everyone buys during major holidays, your best option is to give customized embroidered patches.

Heartstrings of Life

Most of us who give gifts do so because of the happiness it brings us. Seeing the smile on someone’s face who receives something they love, or seeing someone enjoying our gift warms our heart.

If you’re searching for the best gift for someone you care about, contact Heartstrings of Life today! We can customize embroidered patches according to your vision and style. Give us a call at 503-405-0475 or send us an email at sales@heartstringsoflife.com for your orders!