Embroidery’s value in marketing is often downplayed. Many business owners overlook how this craft can help personal and stylize marketing to lure in new customers and develop patrons.

Here at Heart Strings of Life, we advise our clients to consider embroidery not only for personal needs but also for small business projects. Here are some ideas on how you can use embroidery for marketing purposes.

“Casual Wear” for Employees – Same with embroidery, employees’ role in marketing is also often undermined. In addition to providing your employees with uniforms that bear the company’s embroidered logo, you can give more customized casual wear, like t-shirts, caps, or even towels. Make the design something that your employees can proudly wear even outside the office so your brand gets a free promotional ride.

Give-aways to new customers – Personalized giveaways are perfect for startups and small businesses as it helps customers remember your brand for a potential second sale.

VIP perks – Express your gratitude to customers who have given you huge sales by giving them a personalized gift that looks premium enough to make them feel that you are indeed grateful for their patronage.

Why You Should Choose Custom Embroidery

There are abundant options for promotional materials in the market that might make you wonder why you should go for custom embroidery, so we’re giving you the top reasons why embroidered materials are the best option.

Embroidery Feels High-End

Embroidery gives off a different feel. People who see your embroidered products will feel that you’ve invested more in your brand and are at the same level with bigger brand names. So if you want to catch people’s attention and impress them, embroidery is a great choice. 

Embroidery Is More Affordable Than It Sounds

Despite how luxurious embroidered products may seem, they are not as expensive as you might think. The cost of embroidery depends on the intricacy of your design, but all in all, you can get the luxury feel at a bargain. 

Embroidery Allows for More Material Options

Screen printing may be versatile, but there are still a lot of materials that you can’t print on, like those that aren’t too flat or tightly woven. Embroidery, on the other hand, is more flexible. Embroidery can be done on most pieces of clothing, hats, and bags, and fluffier materials like blankets, towels, and robes.

Lasts Longer Against Wear and Washing

Regular wear and washing can ruin the design of printed materials, making the colors fade or bleed together. The print may even start to peel off over time. Embroidery, on the other hand, uses material that can withstand wear and washing, fading, or bleeding, allowing your design to stay strong and tight under normal wear.

Why You Should Choose Embroidered Gifts And Garments Over Printing

Compared to printing, embroidery is a ‘classier’ form of promoting brands. Here are a few benefits of choosing customized embroidered gifts and garments over printed ones. 

You get 3D designs. Thread has dimensions, so you get a three-dimensional design on your embroidered items. Compared to printed designs, embroidered ones are more prominent. The thread is also color-coated, which grabs everyone’s attention because of its aesthetics.

Embroidery displays a cleaner look. Of course, you don’t want to gift your friend something that looks untidy, nor would your employees want to wear a company uniform that looks messy. The crisp appeal of embroidered garments can make things look neat and professional. 

Embroidered designs are durable. If you want your gifts or marketing materials to last, it’s important to consider their durability. Of course, you want to avoid being embarrassed when designs fade soon after the item is used, which is exactly what happens with printed designs. Embroidered designs last for a long time.

Ease of application. In embroidery, you can use a wide range of fabrics because embroidery can be done even on heavily textured fabrics, unlike printing that only works for plain, smooth surfaces. 

The Custom Embroidery Process

Your Design

You can do custom embroidery at home, but hiring experienced people to do the work is more efficient and worth the investment. If you still don’t have a brand logo, tagline, and other promotional designs, you can hire a designer who will help you decide on your brand image and a design that looks best on your products.

You may need to go through several trials until you get the perfect branding and carry on with choosing the design for your product. Make sure to consider the materials needed for your design as well. Embroidery designs can be simple or complicated depending on what you want, but any design can be effective if done properly. Consider the colors, placement, and messaging to make sure your product turns out polished and powerful. 

Shirt embroidery is usually placed on the breast pocket area, but you can also place it on the sleeve or back. Logos are usually embroidered on the front part of hats or caps but you can also embroider designs on the back. Get creative with your promotional materials to inspire potential customers.

Apparel Type

The next thing to consider is the type of material to embroider on. You can choose from a wide range of products, from polos to hats, and even saddle pads for horses!

The most common material that clients choose include the following: 

  • T-shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Hats
  • Beanies
  • Bags
  • Aprons
  • Jackets
  • Vests
  • Animal plushies

If the material you want to embroider on is not listed above, contact us to see if it is something that we can accommodate.

Market Your Business With Embroidered Products

Heartstrings of Life offer handmade custom embroidery services from Gresham, Oregon. If you are looking to bring your marketing game to the next level with the luxurious look of embroidered gifts, products, or employee uniforms, we are ready to help with our expert and affordable services. Contact us today and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.