There are several ways to customize promotional items for your business, such as screen printing, digital printing, and laser engraving. But if your business is aiming for long-lasting brand exposure through durable and high-quality promotional products, custom embroidery might be your best choice.

Custom embroidery can highlight your business logo or market your tagline on clothing and other products. It provides a personal yet professional touch to any item you want to embroider on. But the most distinct feature of custom embroidery is its durability and resistance to wear and tear.

An embroidered logo can endure multiple washing and high temperatures without fading. When you wash an embroidered shirt frequently, you’ll notice that the shirt wears way before the embroidery on it.

So, if you’re looking to advertise your business for a long time, custom embroidered items can do it for you! A specialty thread is used to create images and shading in embroidery. The stitching makes the embroidered design sophisticated, pronounced, and durable.

Custom embroidery is also not limited to only a few types of materials. You can embroider on a wide variety of materials such as cotton, denim, or fleeces, while still producing promotional items with superior quality.

Choosing custom embroidery for your promotional products has significant benefits for your business. If you’re looking for the best products that suit custom embroidery,¬†continue reading this article.

The Best Promotional Products for Custom Embroidery


Embroidering your logo on caps is a cool way to promote your business. The bold embroidered logo will be easy for people to notice. Embroidering this kind of headwear gives you an embossed-like print that you don’t get with screen printing. While screen-printed logos are still noticeable in caps, a design is more highly visible when it is embroidered.

Custom Beanies

If your business’ trade fairs or exhibits are in winter or your brand is winter-centric, then a custom embroidered beanie is the best promotional item you can give away. Beanies come in a wide range of colors and sizes, so it’s easy for customers to find something they want. These promotional items are the best promotional items because they are less expensive than other apparel, and they eliminate any concerns about sizing. Custom embroidered beanies can also be stored easily and reused for next winter because they never go out of style.


Easily wearable accessories like embroidered bandanas make for excellent promotional items. There are myriad ways to showcase your logo and design with custom embroidered bandanas.

Embroidered bandanas are a top choice for businesses in the distilleries and craft breweries industry, retail apparel, athletic and fitness, outdoor and lifestyle, real estate, insurance, technology, and marketing. Custom embroidered bandanas can be worn and styled in a variety of ways. They can be used as a headband, face mask, worn around the neck or the waist, tied around a bun, and wrapped, folded, tied, or rolled into several other fashionable styles.

Polo Shirts

You can never go wrong with polo shirts for employee shirts or work uniforms. Your company logo will look great in this type of clothing. It’s as if you have a walking billboard for your business when your employees wear polo shirts that are custom embroidered with your logo.

Unlike other promotional items that are wearable, an embroidered polo shirt exudes professionalism, giving your business a good image. It is also long-lasting, making it worth the investment. Custom embroidered polo shirts are mostly resistant to stain, fade, and shrink, so your staff can still wear them as uniform even when the shirt gets old.


Patches or badges are probably the most common products that use embroidery. Military units, companies, and other organizations have used embroidered patches for decades as a uniform accessory.

It is very easy to attach to any apparel, making it ideal as promotional apparel. They can be ironed-on on charity shirts, or your staff can attach them to their uniforms customers or prospective clients can easily approach them without hesitation.


Embroidering on towels is a unique way to promote your business. You can embroider your logo or company name on kitchen towels, hand towels, and even on beach towels and bath towels.

The fact that not too many brands use embroidered towels for promotion is highly beneficial for your business. It can set your brand apart by adding uniqueness to your marketing campaign. You can embroider your logo or message on them to make them stand out from the rest.


Custom embroidered umbrellas offer one-of-a-kind advertising when used as promotional material. It’s an effortless way of marketing your brand to the public. Every time the umbrella is opened, your company logo is displayed to the public. Unlike printed ones, custom embroidered umbrellas make your business look refined and professional, giving it a higher sense of identity and allowing it to stand out from other businesses.

Embroidered Totes

Everyone, regardless of age or gender, loves a tote bag. There’s always one in the closet or car that we use every time we run errands. Embroidered tote bags can serve as a long-term billboard for your brand because they won’t go out of style anytime soon. You can give it away on its own, or you can fill it with other promotional gifts!


Customized backpacks are another top choice for marketing or promoting your business because they’re very versatile. Embroidering your logo on backpacks can create a lasting impact.

There’s a wide range of customizable backpack styles and sizes you can choose from, and you can have them embroidered with your company logo to be used by your staff to work or at trade shows, for new employees, or as event giveaways. You can also fill them with other promotional items like branded water bottles and notebooks for a more enjoyable experience for the end-user.

With several backpack styles to choose from, you’ll surely be able to find something that suits your brand.

Custom Embroidery Services in Gresham, Oregon

There are a lot of printing techniques available out there, but your business will benefit more if you choose to have your promotional items custom embroidered, a design technique that has been used for centuries to create timeless and high-quality output.

If you’re looking to customize your promotional items, make sure to entrust them to a trusted embroidery service provider. At Heartstrings, we give our excellent service to help your business reach its heights. We provide only the highest quality output to our clients. Whether you want embroidered designs on headwear, shirts, umbrellas, or towels to promote your business, Heartstrings of Life custom embroidery in Oregon can efficiently produce them for you at a reasonable price.

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